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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 15

The following picture of Animal sums up our day pretty well.

Tons of rain and many miles of gravel roads. Overall, it was a good day - I didn't ask for any undue excitement and we didn't get any. We completed 263 miles today (2,886 total for the trip).

This picture was taken of radar around 7:30am, that wreaked havoc on us all day :)

The majority of the day was spent riding towards and in the Ozark National Forest. The roads are just as I remembered them back in 2013 - easy to ride, nothing complicated, you can easily ride them around 30-50 mph depending on your comfort level.

The consistent rain decreased our picture taking - we only took a few when it wasn't raining. The views from the road atop the Ozark mountains are really awesome. 

Because of our odd start time, we ended up eating lunch before we arrived at the famous Oark General Store. We got our picture and a sticker and headed out... didn't stay long, they had other people to service. Unfortunately, COVID strikes again, didn't get to go inside... everything was served from the porch.

Paul did great today - he is still rebuilding confidence from yesterday's "Longest Mile"... The lip is healing, just a little swollen. (To Paul's Mom: He's doing great!)

I did get a couple videos from the day, I'll post them up later after I edit/upload to Youtube. 

Tomorrow is more of the same, though, we also know that Warloop Rd will also be part of tomorrow's fun. (35.66269, -94.07589)

As an update for the upcoming weekend - we are taking the weekend off for some much needed maintenance (new tires, air filters, and oil changes) and we need to do some laundry. Especially our riding suits - to say they smell is an understatement. We will be staying at a friend's house in Broken Arrow Oklahoma (Thanks Matt!)

Life is good.