Just Ride

Just Ride

Friday, August 21, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 37

 2020. Yeah it’s been one of those years. 

I’m not going to blame today’s decision on 2020. I’m not going to blame today’s decision on KTM (though, I should). 

We purchased two 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R’s with the objective of a midweight adventure motorcycle able to support luggage for camping and traveling over 5,000 miles across country - essentially, the Trans America trail. 

However, after a culmination of issues with the KTM 790, we have decided to end the adventure. This decision did not come lightly. In fact, we made it into Utah and began the ascent into the famous Moab via Geyser Pass. However, Paul’s bike didn’t make it. High RPM’s and Low Speed, apparently was the death of the KTM 790 Adventure R. It couldn’t make the ascent. Sadly, it overheated multiple times. 

After the clutch failure and the multiple brake failures, we thought we had it beat with the replacement clutch pack and the bleeding of the lines. We were excited to tackle Moab. And more importantly to complete the Trans America trail. 

For the first time on the trip and one of the first times in my life, we backed down off of the objective, retreated to our original position, and succumbed to the aggressor. The aggressor in this case was the multitude of issues we ran into with the KTM 790. 

We’re had not made the decision to close the doors on the trip until we found this magical issue with the rear rotor. 

Funny part about the rotors, I was told be multiple people that Ktm has sourced an expensive/high end rotor for the bike. They were surprised when at less than 6,000 miles, both my front rotor we’re considerably warped. “Due to Covid, completely on back order”. Well. How would you feel if your rotor played like this:

Yeah, doesn’t make sense. No physical damage that can be found other than the thing is completely unstable. 

KTM, this is deplorable. 

So, with massive regret and with no other alternative, we are calling it quits. We cannot identify the root cause to the over heating that was experienced on Geyser Pass. 

With this heavy decision weighing on us, we decided that there is no better way to end our trans America trail wine tour than to have some very good wine and a bottle of champagne to boot. 

So we've acquired a uhaul and strapped down the bikes to make the long journey back home.  

I’m sad to see it end before the objective, though I’m excited to say we met new likeminded people and got to see many different parts of the country!

We will come back to finish.

Thank you for joining us and to those that offered help/advice, thank you very much! We're really glad to be a part of the ever-growing TAT Family.


  1. So sorry it ended early, Jerry. But at least you have lots of memories and tales to tell! Safe travels home!

  2. You guys had a great run and forever experiences.