Just Ride

Just Ride

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 25 - 28

Day 25 - August 8th 

Day 26 - August 9th

Day 27 - August 10th

Day 28 - August 11th

Aug 9th - My Wife's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Honey, thank you for putting up with me and my motorcycle habits. I love you!!

Not much to report. Stayed local in Montrose recuperating since Poughkeepsie Gulch. 

We’ve let the bodies mend, we’ve rehydrated, but our bikes are still needing some service. There is a local shop here in Montrose that we visited with today - Highland Cycles - Morgan was helpful up to what he could do for us immediately. The local KTM dealer, Davis in Montrose, was pretty much useless. Their service guy wouldn't even attempt to talk to us due to their backlog of work. So we wait on parts... 

The plan is kinda stalled due to maintenance issues on the new KTM 790’s. We had the brakes on my bike bled - hopefully this solves my problems. Paul's issues are a bit more complicated. His clutch plates are burnt and need to be replaced. He's started leaking oil - not sure from what. We ordered a clutch kit from KTM today, should be here by Thursday (hopefully). If that comes in, on Friday, we've got a company that works on vintage motorcycles that is willing to do the work on Friday. If the clutch kit comes in Friday... well, we're going to be here the weekend because the two shops we know of in the area will not be available over the weekend.

I’ve spoken with Mark at Madstad, he has a windshield to replace Paul’s missing windshield. We will get it ordered and shipped out ASAP. (Paul's windshield broke in Mississippi in the powder silt).

We are currently at the Hampton Inn in Montrose for the next two nights. Yesterday we were in Ouray. 

All this downtime isn't easy - I want to get started again. But we can't ride these bikes as is... even though today we rode 35 miles from Ouray to Montrose and felt it was great to be back in the saddle. I miss it already. I've also noticed an interesting mode that one gets into while riding this type of adventure. The last four days have been 'different' in the sense that our daily process and rhythm is gone. It's missed already. I imagine the changeover from this trip back to normal life will not be taken lightly.

No major pictures to speak of lately - but I've uploaded videos to YouTube the other day because we had good internet. I've posted them on this post just to get caught up...

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