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Just Ride

Monday, August 3, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 20

279 miles for the day and 3,670 miles for the trip - The theme of the day, how many cow patties can I run over on the roads. But seriously, there were a number of cows on the road today :)

For those that don't know, I own a very small 20 acre ranch in Brooksville, FL - we have three cows (more specifically two heifers and a bull). Riding with the cows on the road today brought great joy - I was smiling and laughing at them the whole time. Paul even commented on how 'giddy' I seemed. I thoroughly enjoyed riding my motorcycle straight through the many herds of cows on and around the roads here in Oklahoma!!

Animals:Jack Rabbit, Buffalo, Reindeer, and a Coyote. Which reminds me, the coyote was lucky to see me first - had I known what he was, he would've probably not made it to see another day. I was grabbing for my Glock... I could probably write another blog "things jerry killed on the TAT" :)

I pulled out the drone today. we were in such a great spot with some interesting terrain. Though, I can't upload videos today (did I say that we are in Boise City, OK? Matt says they can't spell WiFi), here is a shot of Paul and I on the ground.

Here is a view of the road we were riding

Was able to upload one video from my GoPro: (apologies now for the angle - I'm trying new things with the GoPro)

I couldn't help but think about the small towns today. Every single one of them - minimal opportunity, mostly cattle support or oil/gas. Everyone is very friendly that I've spoken to and most everyone waves at you - sometimes ecstatically. 

I almost forgot to mention - I am a HUGE fan of "Real Beef Jerky" by Robertson's Hams. I've been buying this stuff direct from them forever. They are here in Marietta Oklahoma - well, for the first time since I've been in Oklahoma, I found some of their spectacular Beef Jerky at a Love's gas station. (Love's has even branded it - but I know the truth) - it can be found directly at Robertson's

I have finally claimed a piece of the TAT! Paul has had a number of 'oops' here and there sporadically across the TAT (bridge and a couple times on a road in Arkansas). I had mine on this two track cattle road in deep sand. Kinda just laid on over while going about 11 mph up a hill. See below, that is me pointing to the hill that I now own.More specifically, I own the back side of that hill. "Jerry's Hill" - 36.9502053, -101.1869315

I have certainly found a new appreciation for Oklahoma - not the cities. But the vast openness of Oklahoma appeals to me. @nancysherman, I did see 2,386 Acres for sale out there... :)

Speaking of little towns... sitting here in Boise City, Oklahoma! Wow, very little town. We've got us some fine accommodations here at the Townsman Motel. The local Wine and Liquor store was able to provide "Josh" Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Paul and I were researching work and drinking wine. It is what we do.

More pictures from the day:

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