Just Ride

Just Ride

Sunday, August 2, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 19

All Oklahoma!

We left Matt and Britany's (Broken Arrow, OK) around 8 or 8:30 (can't remember exactly) and rode due north to catch the TAT as soon as possible. Great riding today! I was really worried because I was reading some other TAT reports that were showing devastating mud conditions! One guy on the TAT FB page literally blew up his clutch in the mud. (BMW).

I told Paul early on, if we were in mud for more than an hour, we'd exit stage right and find happiness.

Wasn't necessary. Most of Oklahoma has dried out and we had a great day of riding very long, mostly straight, dry (with minimal dust), dirt/gravel roads. 

In fact, they were so good, I think my top speed on dirt/gravel today was about 65. average speed was around 42mph. We accomplished 266 miles today and have 3,391 total miles since Day 1.

No one went down today, though there were a couple times where the dirt/sand hinted at disaster.

I spent some time behind Paul today, catching some of his improved riding skills!

We did hit some mud today... it was more comical than anything. Even with our new tires, it was so deep that we'd move inches while the actual rear tire was spinning around 15 mph (or so - it is an estimate... I was paying attention to my feet and my forward progress, not the speedometer)

We don't think we'll finish Oklahoma tomorrow - just too many miles remaining. By end of tomorrow, we should be real close to New Mexico, which means, we're very close to Colorado as well. (NM is a very short stay...)

No wine today... 

Life is Good.

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