Just Ride

Just Ride

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

TAT 2020 - Day Zero

It’s been a long long time coming. This year has been quite the roller coaster. Wasn’t sure this thing was going to happen. Many years of planning, two different motorcycles, different riding partners- many different shake out trips. 

I’m very fortunate that my wife is allowing me to take on this dream. I’m very fortunate that our business is doing well enough that two of the three business partners are able to go on this trip. John... we wish you were with us! Speaking of, I am very fortunate to have such great business partners!!

We’ve got a looming project that may be kicking off soon... lots of unknowns. We may get halfway across the United States and need to come back... we just don’t know. But that is all included in this adventure. 

Hang tight, come on the ride virtually with us... we will post pictures and video. I’ve even brought a drone to capture some of the amazing places we will visit. 

This is day 0. 

306 miles, from stoneville, nc to kill devil hills, nc. 

Craziest thing that happened today, Paul was hit in the head by a turkey vulture while riding. 

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