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Just Ride

Monday, July 27, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 13

LUCKY #13!! err... um... Day 13!

We finally made it into Mississippi! We started a little late today due to some meetings (all very good meetings) and ended a little early because the Mexican we had at lunch caused some tummy grumblings.

This is the transition into Mississippi!!

We clocked in at about 192 miles for the day and 2,381 total for the trip so far! Top speed of the day was 100mph on an actual TAT road. (No video evidence of said law breaking)

Speaking of law breaking. We never wear masks. Everywhere we go... they’re requiring masks. 

The back roads in Mississippi are pretty easy overall. There are some sections with sand that you gotta watch out for, but nothing crazy. The biggest problem is dust. Red dust. White dust. Dust dust. Of course, I’m not suffering any. Paul is eating my dust all day long. The red dust. The white dust. The dust dust. 

However, back in 2013, I rode TN, MS, and AR TAT maps - I had a small spill in the MS sand. I was going up a hill around 45-50mph, dirt/gravel one side, hit the other side of the hill and it was sand. deep. I was saying in the comms "I'm going down, I'm going down, I'm going down, I'm Down." It was pretty funny, the sand had my rear end swishing back and forth and eventually spun me 180 degrees. But that was 2013 and I was riding a KLR 650.

Here is the picture of us picking up the KLR from 2013...after my spill

Now, I'm on the KTM 790 and I've got a few more miles under my belt... doing much better off-road this time around. The Mississippi gravel/dirt roads are typically hard-packed with some loose gravel. My experience (limited as it is) with these types of roads, kick it up to about 40mph and roll! It is a little 'loose', but the bike is stable and you're comfortable and not working hard to ride. If you ride this stuff in first or second gear, those speeds will wear you out!

Back to 2013, I remember taking a similar picture back in 2013 on this bridge. 

So I took one on the same bridge today. (Note the continued use of Animal...)

Chased down a couple deer today, had a bird fly between me and my windshield, and had a few dog chasings. No worries. Also, no snakes today :)

Tomorrow, we'll finish up Mississippi and head into Arkansas! From what I remember about Arkansas in 2013, that took a little longer than Mississippi.

Someone mentioned that MS-04 is a pain in the butt due to sand - I probably remember that one... if I'm correct, we had to kinda crab walk with throttle to make it through. PAINFUL. We'll see tomorrow.

We did manage to wash some clothing this evening. But our helmets and riding suits deserve their own area codes for the smells that permeate their surroundings. 

We just ordered dinner (sushi) to be delivered to the hotel. Went across the street to the liquor and wine store to buy our wine for the evening. 

So that’s Day 13. Lucky number 13. 

Life is good. 

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  1. Y'all r rocking now !! I am in Madison MS. in the neighborhood across the street from where Sam lived when he laying out the TAT. Great guy for doing this huh? We ride a lot of Central and N MS. TAT. They have a loop called the N Ms hill country ride we do a lot. Enjoy you bunch o adventure wino's !! You like to ride while you drink huh be safe, I am enjoying the commentary. Good stuff, the riding soso haha