Just Ride

Just Ride

Sunday, July 26, 2020

2020 TAT - Day 12

GREAT DAY of riding! I'll admit that I screwed up to start the day, thought I had my GPS setup correctly.. after leaving the hotel in Lawrenceburg I ended up taking a left onto the tat track, when I should've taken a right. GPS doesn't tell you these things - so we ended up backtracking a little and ended up in a big circle. Oh well. 

190 Excellent Miles Today. 2,189 total since the beach in Nags Head, NC.

Many of the roads that we take start like this - which means it will be fun for us, bad for everyone else!

We started the day like all other days... eating on the curb of a fast food restaurant because of Covid. It really sucks actually, can't go in the restaurant. Walk through the drive-through. Order food, if they recognize you're there. Then sit on the curb while everyone drives passed you while you eat.

Closed / Blocked Roads
#1 - TN-19 - Tree Down, blocking entire road and most of the surrounding forest grounds. We did get passed the tree, but we had to ride down into the brush to do it. 
35.233178, -87.698547

#2 TN - 19 - Just a little while later, we ran into this. Which could not be passed at all. 
35.215187, -87.963487
We back-tracked a little, used Gaia to link us back up with TN-20.

TN-20 - Lots of great riding on TN-20!! Fast gravel / dirt roads. Multiple Creek Crossings. Just tons of fun. Overall, both Paul and I enjoyed today's riding more than any other day.

Earlier in the day, we were reminded to BE CAREFUL and AWARE of your surroundings... 
(not like me in this instance)
We were enjoying a creek crossing. I hopped off the bike afterwards to film Paul's crossing. Almost stepped on a copperhead - nope rope. Fortunately, I have riding boots on and it was a juvenile copperhead. He did strike at me - from what I can tell in the video, he got my boot. I'll admit, I don't like poisonous snakes and this one didn't like me either. Here is the video of my screaming like a little girl as the snake tried to attack me. 

Another fun part of TN-20 - Right next to a lake, these houses are amazing - but the road is CRAZY!

Paul Crossing the Creek - he caught me doing the snake dance!

We stopped for the night in Pickwick - Had dinner at Freddy T's (horrible service - blame covid?)

Overall and despite being attacked by a copperhead, it was a fun day!

Life is good.