Just Ride

Just Ride

Saturday, July 25, 2020

2020 TAT - DAY 11

VERY SLOW START TO THE DAY... Due to last night's fun, we slept in today. Then grabbed breakfast and decided to get a late checkout of the hotel for 1pm. So I slept more. Around 12:30 today, grabbed lunch at Cracker Barrel and got on the road. Because of the late start and the need to be in Tulsa by a certain timeframe, we decided to slab it today. We really didn't start riding until around 2:20pm because things were pretty slow at Cracker Barrel.. 

There are no pictures from today as nothing was exciting except the throbbing headache due to my own volition through copious libation. Which is a good suggestion to those riding the TAT - Don't Do What We Did. It won't go well the next day :)

Tonight, we're staying in Lawrenceburg, TN. We had dinner at Striker's Steakhouse - it was just ok. No wine tonight because... last night.

Tomorrow, we intend on heading into David Crockett State Park and connect into the TAT. Looks like from Sam's Maps, he has a waypoint highlighted called "Knob Creek Crossing" - we love water crossings!! 

By the way, something that should be discussed: I have an iPhone 11 something or other. It has not survived the mount on my motorcycle. Apparently, it has fallen victim to what I believe is iPhone-Shaken-Death-Syndrome. This is likely due to the other day's ride on the craziest of roads - Bald River Road. My iPhone will not allow me to open the rear facing camera (selfie cam) and has zero sound - can't listen to people talk, can't listen to music, can't hear when someone calls me, etc etc. All sound works IF I'm using bluetooth. Also, every five hours or so, the phone reboots itself *automagically*. I stopped by a Verizon store here in Lawrencburg - went through the process of getting a new one, lots of questions, account review, setting up my 'customer profile' at the local Verizon authorized dealer. Then finally the sales guy in there tells me the only iPhone 11 they have is an iPhone 11 Pro (not the max like I have) and it is GOLD.

Umm. no. I'm not walking around with a gold phone. So... I'll wait until Tulsa and suffer through the inconveniences that my current phone bestows on me.

Ok, last but not least, the mileage for the day: 156 miles (mostly all highway slab). Total for the Trip 1,998.7. Tomorrow, bigger / better day. Tonight, rest.

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