Just Ride

Just Ride

Friday, May 3, 2019


With anything you buy... you typically research.


In my quest for dependable, rugged, waterproof luggage on the KTM 790 R, I came across a company that was essentially started by listening to the audience they supported.

Back up a few minutes... I setup my KLR 650 (which I do not own anymore) for my first off-road experience. Of course I packed too much... but that is just me being overly prepared.

I was packed Top, Left, and Right... and I had a duffel bag full of stuff as well. Of course, I'm always over prepared for everything.

These bags by Wolfman Luggage were excellent. I even crashed one time and went through many creeks - all with no damage and without anything getting wet. My crash was in Mississippi in the deep sand. Which means the luggage was spared any major damage by virtue of the sand (same for me by the way).

So... back to my story, after some minimal research, I've realized that a company, born and bred from the advrider.com website, with full exposure and feedback of the adv community has blasted through the plethora of luggage options for adv riders.

This soft-luggage has been designed and created by the community and some brave entrepreneurs that decided that it was time for a change.

The change, MOSKO MOTO. I've seen the difference through the bountiful RTW motorcyclists that have chosen this luggage as well as the 'weekend warriors' that have also chosen MOSKO.

Naturally, after much research, I've decided to outfit my new KTM 790 Adventure R with the pannier kit, the duffle pack, and the Nomad tank bag. Of course, you all might think this is a bit much for the 790 R... well, let it be known that the wife and I are going to "adventure" our way up to Alaska on a 1290 Super Adv R in 2022... this will also be our luggage for that monster trip.

Let's call the Trans America Trail in 2020, my test ride for 2022 to Alaska.

More soon. (we'll likely run the Smokey Mountain 500 or 1000 during this summer - gotta break in that 790R some how...)