Just Ride

Just Ride

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trans-America Trail - Gear Part 1

Figured I would do a quick inventory of the rear box.  I am probably packing too much - but again, this is our "figure it out" ride.  Without this ride and no past experience doing these types of trips...we don't know if we're packing too much or too little.

Rear Box Contents
1. 10w-40
2. Freshly oiled air filter
3. chain lube (dry)
4. air filter oil and rim grease
5. front and rear inner tubes
6. extra gear shifter (this is probably not coming with me)
7. JB Weld (fixes all kinds of things to include metal)
8. Jumper Cables
9. Filter Cleaner
10. Chain cleaner
11. Chain Brush
12. Bead Breaker
13. 16 tooth sprocket (spare) (may not be coming with me)
14. Air compressor and patches/glue etc
15. Zip ties
16. .40 Ammo
17. Fuses and other minor electrical stuff
18. Duct Tape
19. Extra spark plug
20. Tire Pressure Gauge
21. Valve Stem Puller
22. Tire Spoons and other various tools for the bike

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