Just Ride

Just Ride

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trans-America Trail - Bike Packed

For the most part, the bike is packed. Technology and the associated cables/wires/chargers are really all that remain. I've weighed each bag and the trunk. All-in-all, I feel I have too much weight.

Left Side Bag = 10 lbs (camp gear, 1 Gallon of fuel / rotopax) = 17.5 lbs
Right Side Bag = 16 lbs (clothes, klim pants/jacket)
Top Duffel = 11 lbs (laptop, bed roll, sleeping bag, tent poles, flip flops)
Rear Trunk = 28 lbs (tools, tubes, maintenance items, first aid, and ratchet straps - just to trailer to Tellico and back)

Once we're in Tellico, this will change - some of the weight in the trunk will be redistributed and some of it isn't going with us. Goal for the trunk is around 20 lbs.

I also cleaned the original air filter, lubed the bike, and we now have new tires/tubes! We are ready to roll!


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