Just Ride

Just Ride

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day Three - Harley in the sky

Harley in the sky with diamonds?
Reflecting on yesterday...

I put together a list of topics that I wanted to blog about.  Then I realized that my blog is heavy in words and light in pictures.  After this realization, I went back and updated Day 2 with more pictures.  Kept the retrospective of course.  However, going forward, light retrospective heavy pictures.  Except for this post - Day 3 had lots of riding and little pictures.

Last night we stayed at the venerable (at least in my mind) Lodge at Buckberry Creek in the mountains above Gatlinburg, TN.  Wife and I like this place for the following reasons:
1. ambiance/accommodations
2. in smokey mountains near gatlinburg, but away from the tourists.
3. lodge vs (m)||(h)+otel
4. breakfast/dinner outside overlooking the smokey mountains
5. usually very little children
6. late night down by the creek (see pictures)

Here are a few shots from the Buckberry Creek Lodge

Where's the Harley Parking Sign?

Home for the night

The view during dinner

I see Jack and Coke and White Russian

Libations Continue...

The Lodge

Lobby - come here lil puppy...

 I will admit that by around 10-11pm, NandI were pretty much smashed.  Then it hit her - "i want to go down by the creek."  But...but...that is like a 2 mile hike directly down a very steep hill and all I have are these flip flops and i'm drunk and there are bears and no one else will be down there and and and...ahh, screw it, let's go.  (if i haven't said this before - NandI is my nickname for N and I)

So we went back to the room and I grabbed my .40 Glock 27 and a flashlight and we proceeded to walk back down to the trail.  We were stopped by a couple (women) and the night-time maintenance guy.  Each of them expressed the "dangers" that were possible down by the creek/pavilion.  I know I was pretty lit, but the wife was too as her immediate response was related to the fact that I was carrying.  Doh!  Drunk and armed...yes I am.  Prepared to screw with bears...yes I am.

Hiking down the mountain was a good time, we laughed about all the eyes we were seeing with my mega-lumen-flashlight (surefire i believe).  Eventually, we get down there and it was dark as hell.  There were remnants of a fire earlier in the day, but no lights were on.  I proceeded to find as many light switches as possible and then tended to the smoldering fireplace until I had something nice and cozy.  While all this was happening, N found some rocking chairs and placed them in front of the fireplace.  N was pretty excited about being back down here at the pavilion (we visited the lodge one time previously back in 2007). 

None of these pictures are high quality - I ended up turning off lights and just hanging out by the fire.  We had a great time :)

The fireplace in the outdoor pavilion

I think i was trying to show off that this rock chimney was tall - in the end, it is a drunk picture.
Also have a drunk video of said fire...you'll hear music in the background, I found a CD player with only one CD - so we played it.  Not saying it was good or bad, it was just music.  In the end, it would have been better to not have music as I could have heard if any bears were sneaking up on me.  But again, we had been drinking since our arrival at the lodge.

Did you hear the crickets?? :)

Ok, next we slept in a very well appointed suite on a very large comfy bed.  

A few observations from yesterday's ride:
1. Mileage was pretty low overall (~150), but we were very happy with the roads!
2. Many Many cops on these popular roads - in both TN and NC
3. While in TN, I was happy to see at least three different people exercising their right to open carry.

Ok, so that was all yesterday (day 2) - on to day 3.

Very little pictures on day 3, we were on a mission to ride out of the smokey mountains via the parkway and some super-slab.  With a goal of about "halfway home", we stayed in Perry, GA at a place called Henderson Village.  I believe we stayed in the old "slave cabins"...

Our Cabin at the Henderson Village

Outdoor plumbing?

Fields at Henderson - Old Plantation?

Love this shower...my Grandma had one just like it.

 One thing about Henderson Village, while the accommodations were nice and we enjoyed the surroundings, there was no dinner to be had on a Sunday night.  The restaurant was closed down and there isn't anything near here for at least 10 miles.  For dinner, I pulled out the phone and traveled over to a local steak house.  On the way, with no gear on the bike, a sudden rain storm.  Of course...

Anyways, we completed about 350 miles today.

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