Just Ride

Just Ride

Friday, August 31, 2012

"No Labor" Day Weekend - Day One

Today, NPR to blairsville.  

As is the case for me, anytime I am about to embark on a trip (even when I as flying on a weekly basis for work), I would barely sleep the night before and most assuredly would wake up far too early.  

 Bike was packed and ready to go by 6:09 AM.  

The goal of the day was about 560 miles, however, due to traffic in Atlanta we clocked in 592 miles (thank goodness for Garmin Zumo 350LM).  I'm not exactly sure what time arrival time was - but I do have some pictures with time stamps around 5:30 PM at the cabin (post-check-in).  We stayed at the Lodge at Copperhead - an excellent biker's "base camp" for riding in the north georgia / tennessee / north carolina mountains.  

Today's ride consisted of mostly highway miles...but I was extremely happy to be riding.  Along the way, I found this excellent display of what people can do when they put their minds to it.  It certainly looks like I was taking a picture of my wife...I wasn't.  Look at the Mercedes in the background with at least 600 lbs of luggage strapped to the top.  The axle was bent in the rear.  Of all things, it was two white guys riding together.  Not trying to be stereotyping...but I kind of didn't expect two middle-aged white guys riding together in an early model Mercedes with their entire life packed on top of the car.  They did wave at me when they were leaving...guess they knew my snapshot wasn't of my wife's rear-end.

Amazing Packing Abilities

Not much else to say regarding the overall highway miles - but a quick rant on Atlanta.  Atlanta sucks (why anyone would want to live there is beyond me.)   The good news, no rain and the rest of the day's miles was very comfortable.  However, I should mention one caveat to the level of comfort experienced while riding...the other day for softball I played catcher.  55 minute squats and both my legs were complete jello!  Made it kinda tough to stop at red lights!!

Upon arrival, check-in and head out to Cabin 56.  Nice spot in the woods with very few other cabins sitting next to us...wouldn't mind coming back and spending a long weekend here!  Of course, we're on a mission with this trip to the mountains, three nights out and three different sleeping accommodations!  No rest for the wicked.

Had dinner at the bar within the lodge...asked the bartender if I could buy a bottle of wine from her and take it back to the cabin; she had to ask the owner.  Came back and sort of forgot that I asked about the wine - after a while I asked her again, she said "oh yeah, sure honey.  I just need to open it for you." All good...bring on the hot tub and the wine.

Party for Two

Parked the bike in the small garage...just deep enough to fit the bike.  Guess it is more like a storage shed.  Parking the bike was a bit of a challenge...first, it is up hill to back the bike into the garage and it has a 2 inch cement lip.  So I rode the bike up the yard and then faced it up hill.  Backed it down with a sharp turn into the garage...might be ok if I was riding a golf cart, definitely bad design for a motorcycle.  

Inside of Cabin 56 was pretty sweet - apparently the people that purchased/built this particular cabin (and subsequently rents it through the lodge) are big Harley fans.  

(the referenced link is not completely up to date - Cabin 56 did have a nice covered back porch)

No Honey, that sound was coming from the Harley.  Not Me.
 Resting the remainder of the night, after breakfast tomorrow, we are on our way to Gatlinburg via Cherohala Skyway and the Tail of the dragon.  Please don't f'n rain.

I will have the GoPro on tomorrow...looking stupid as hell.  But doing it anyways. 

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