Just Ride

Just Ride

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Get-Away

As I had previously stated, there is more to the Alaska trip than the logistics/planning/gear.  The physical side of the trip will be a challenge completely unknown to me.  The longest (most miles) ride in a single day was from Tampa to Key West - around 450 miles.

To prep for rides that could easily be 200-600 miles per day for two weeks straight, I have planned weekend get-aways that will build my ride stamina.  The following describes an upcoming trip that portrays a great example of riding to ride...

Day 1 - Mostly highway
 - Destination:  Blairsville, GA.
 - Distance:  560 Miles
 - Lodging:  Lodge at Copperhead - typical starting point for the mountains of GA, TN, and NC.

 - http://www.thelodgeatcopperhead.com/

Day 2 - Curves, mountains, scenery, and a few Harley dealerships
 - Destination:  Gatlinburg, TN
 - Distance:  225 Miles
 - Lodging:  The Lodge at Buckberry Creek - stayed here once before.  Great location in the mountains overlooking Gatlinburg, TN.  Accommodations are amazing...as well as the view of the smokey mountains while you dine on the back porch.

 - Cherohala Skyway (100 million dollar view - literally and figuratively)
 - Tail of the Dragon (US 129 - this road is on many bucket lists)
 - Cherohala Skyway Harley Davidson
 - Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson
 - Hillbilly Harley Davidson
 - http://www.buckberrylodge.com/
 - http://www.cherohala.org/
 - http://www.tailofthedragon.com/
 - http://www.smh-d.com/

Day 3 - Headed home
 - Destination:  Perry, GA
 - Distance:  309 Miles
 - Lodging:  Henderson Village - great mid-point in our travels home to stop and relax.  I can picture Henderson Village some many years ago...plantation.

 - http://www.hendersonvillage.com/

Day 4 - Still headed home
 - Destination:  Home
 - Distance:  337 Miles

Total Planned Mileage:  1431

There will be lots of pictures!

The Route

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