Just Ride

Just Ride

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gear - GoPro Hero2 Motorsports Edition

Never been one to take lots of pictures while engaging in an activity.  Better to experience life than to see it through a lens (my opinion).  However, with technology being what it is and a few trips I have upcoming on the motorcycle I decided that I'd make an exception.  Especially because I'm going to visit some roads in the very near future that I probably won't get to ride all that very often.  The ability to record the entire ride on one of these roads is particularly interesting - mostly so I can relive the ride and also for my own personal betterment as a rider.

Adding a rugged digital camera to the bag of tricks was the goal - something that didn't require much interaction to do video and/or pictures.  Waterproof, vibration-proof, mountable - all good things for a motorcycle.  Enter the GoPro Hero2 Motorsports Edition.


Awesome piece of technology that has many mounting options and creates excellent video / pictures.  In 960p, with my 32 GB SD Card, I can record video for approximately 5 hrs 26 minutes.

I've already mounted it to the top of my full-face helmet and tested a few mounting options on my Harley using the 200 mph suction cup mount...I'm ready for this:


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